Becoming a Partner

A unique Missions Project, providing continual national and international tuition-free Advanced Chief Executive Training; positioning, strengthening, encouraging, preparing and equipping Pastors, Ministry and Corporate CEOs for the successive levels of leadership required to fulfill the Great Commission, their individual ministry mission and ordained destiny in God.

“… taking heed to the ministry which (they) have received in the Lord, that (they) fulfill it.” Colossians 4:17

The tragedy so prevalent in God’s church today is that a vast majority of Pastors and Ministry Leaders are overwhelmed, frustrated, unprepared and despondent over their inability to lead change and achieve their God given mandates. Their right relationship with God and family are suffering greatly. A shocking number quit, backslide or just marginally exist in the face of ineffectiveness.

Ministry CEOs worldwide are in dire need of training that will provide the methods and systems required to lay a foundation for all God wants to accomplish through them, equipping them to reach escalating levels of ministry effectiveness.

Pastors and Ministry Leaders must have the training that will keep them in their calling, capable of developing future generations of leaders for a lasting legacy.

Missions giving through the Partnership for pastors will finance this tremendous undertaking.

In return, active partners in the Partnership for Pastors will receive on-going training tuition free. Intense practical application training will include leadership methods, systems and skill development, subsequent training for themselves and their key leaders, and advanced training forums annually as well as tools, ministry leadership techniques and ideas promulgated in regularly disseminated material — all free of tuition charges and costs.

To Become a Partner:

Partnership Benefits


Attend continual higher level trainings; receive monthly Executive Briefs, Coaching Focus and White Boards; and Global Events—Tuition Free


Support the continual worldwide increase on the almost 60,000 pastors and leaders trained in just eight years—Tuition Free